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Help For Hard Times





Help For Hard Times

Unemployment, even temporary, is an extremely difficult experience. Knowing where to turn and how to take control of your situation can help reduce the impact on you and your family. These are some tips for help in hard times.


Getting Started:  Explore your unemployment benefits and options- some may be time sensitive.

Unemployment Benefits
Texas Workforce Commission: Like many states across the nation, the Texas Workforce Commission is experiencing a high call volume. You can apply for benefits online at the following link:

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from the Texas Workforce Commission on how to apply for benefits, click on the following link: https://services.twc.state.tx.us/UBS/changeLocale.do?language=en&country=US&page=/afbfaq.do

Local Texas Workforce Office Locations:  

Corpus Christi
Phone Number:  (361) 882-7491
(361) 883-7846
520 N Staples St
Corpus Christi, TX 78401-2414
(361) 882-7491
(361) 906-1804
5858 S Padre Island Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX  78412

(361) 364-3284
(361) 364-3325
1113 E Sinton St Spc D
Sinton, TX 78387-2928

(361) 727-2684
(361) 790-5812
619 North Live Oak, RM A-4
Rockport TX 78381-2820

(361) 592-1006
(361) 592-6384
Kingsville, TX 78363-4120

Manage your Finances: Start by determining the financial resources available to you.   Consider all the following: savings, pension or profit sharing, thrift plan, stocks, cash values of life insurance, unemployment compensation, severance pay, spouse's income, medical benefits, etc. Next, get your finances in order by following these steps:
  1. Prepare a household budget:
    make sure it is realistic and allows for basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and medical care. Be sure to include anticipated expenses such as quarterly insurance premiums and holiday spending.
  2. List your assets
  3. Set priorities:
    If your income does not cover all of your bills, be sure to pay the following first and in this order: 1) Rent 2) Utilities 3) Food 4) Transportation
  4. Make a list of creditors
  5. Notify your creditors and stay in touch:
    Protect yourself by notifying your mortgage holder or your landlord, your utility providers and any creditor
  6. Pay what you can: **Important Tip**  Don't ignore your mail! Ignoring government agency inquiries or creditor requests for information may make things worse. If you don't understand notices or bills sent to you, call the person who sent the bill.
  7. Stop credit purchases
  8. Reduce household expenses:
    Cancel unnecessary purchases/services. This includes cable TV, magazine subscriptions, etc.
  9. Sell what you don't need:
    If you need income for living expenses, consider selling items such as extra cars, motorcycles, collectibles, garage sale items, etc.
  10. Check into other financial resources

Find Employment
Corpus Christi Caller Times: www.caller.com/hotjobs
Monster: www.monster.com
Career Builder: www.careerbuilder.com
Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend: www.workforcesolutionscb.org
Health Insurance It is vital to maintain health insurance coverage for you and your family in the midst of unemployment. Without insurance, even a minor illness can mean great financial hardship for your family. For continued medical and dental coverage following job loss, check with your former employer about COBRA coverage. Here are other health related websites:

  • State of Texas Health Insurance Options: http://www.texashealthoptions.com/cp/unemployed.html
  • Children's Health Insurance:  http://www.chipmedicaid.com/english/index.htm
  • E- Health Insurance http://www.ehealthinsurance.com
  • click here. For a list of participating Coastal Bend Pharmacies, click here.
  • Pfizer Helpful Answers Prescription Medications:  Click here for details.

  • Credit Counseling Credit counseling is available at the following United Way funded partner agency:

    Consumer Credit Counseling Service of South Texas
    1706 S. Padre Island Dr., Corpus Christi TX 78416
    (361) 854-4357 - (800)333-4357

     Foreclosure Prevention The Homeownership Preservation Foundation HOPE Hotline can assist homeowners before a foreclosure. HOPE Hotline:1-888-995-HOPE or www.995hope.org

     Union Members

    If you are a union member, additional resources may be available to you. Contact your steward or union office. Local Food Pantries - Corpus Christi
    Abundant Life Church
    , 9550 Leopard St., 241-4460
    All Saints Episcopal Church, 3026 S. Staples, 855-6294
    Bishop Community Center, 301-B West Main St., 584-3280
    Brooks AME Worship Center, 2101 North Port Avenue, 884-5109
    Catholic Charities, 1322 Comanche, Corpus Christi, 884-0651
    Christian Care Center, 3875 S. Staples, 853-1868
    Christian Family Center, 3303 Navajo, 510-1815
    Church of Acts, 3811 Carroll Lane, 852-3551
    Dorcas Food Pantry, 6645 Downey 510-0419
    Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House of Corpus Christi, 210 S. Carrizo St., 888-8467
    El Pan Diario, 3126 Gollihar, 855-2501
    First Baptist Church, 3115 Ocean Dr., 888-8228
    Gateway Christian Center, 925 Naval Air Station Dr. 937-5494
    Kelsey Memorial Methodist, 1610 Comanche 882-9533
    Metro Ministries. Loaves & Fishes, 1919 Leopard St., 887-0151
    Metropolitan Community Church - Dale Locher Food Pantry, 501 S. Staples, 882-8255
    Most Precious Blood Church, 3502 Saratoga, 854-3800
    Nueces County Community Action: 883-7201
    Nueces County Dept. of Human Services, 103 N. 6th St.
    Our Lady of Pilar, 1101 Bloomington 852-6327
    Seventh Day Adventis Church, 2217 Sarita, 334-2273
    Solid Rock, 3035 Ayers, 887-6465
    SS. Cyril & Methodius Catholic, 5013 Hakel, 853-7371
    St. John Baptist, 5445 Greenwood
    St. John’s United Methodist,5300 S. Alameda, 991-4342
    St. Joseph Church, 710 19th St., 882-7912
    St. Patrick’s Church, 3350 S. Alameda, 855-7392
    St. Peter Prince of the Apostle, 3901 Violet, 241-3249
    Timon’s Ministries, 10501 SPID, 939-9533
    Wesley Community Center, 4015 McArthur, 880-8300

    Local Food Pantries - Surrounding Areas
    Corpus Christi Food Bank
    826 Krill Street  |  Corpus Christi, TX 78408  |  (361) 887-6291

    Community Presbyterian Church
    129 S. Alister  |  Port Aransas, TX  |  (361) 749-4506

    First Baptist Church
    311 E. 5th Street  | 
    Bishop, TX 78343  |  (361) 584-3546

    St. Anthony’s Social Service
    117 E. Main  |  Robstown, TX  |  (361) 387-3467

    Wesley Community Center
    414 Matiana Ortiz Blvd.  | 
    Robstown TX, 78380  |  (361) 387-1451

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