Plan in Action


Develop and support a sustainable, community-based system of coordinated services that are child-focused and family-driven meeting the overall health and developmental needs of children in the Coastal Bend. 

To pinpoint and narrow down specific needs in the community, research data was collected which measured school readiness of children, poverty rates, teen pregnancy, single parent households and domestic violence. From this data, the coalition created the following goals: 





To meet these goals, many objectives and strategies have been put in place by the coalition, such as events that focus on helping parents gain knowledge and awareness of the importance of reading to their children more often; learning which milestones their children should reach and when; and low-cost or no-cost options to increase their child's physical activity. 

Successfully completing these goals will take time and investment from community leaders and donors. Fulfilling these goals — for children to succeed in school, graduate from high school and continue their education in college or a vocational trade — means advancement for the entire community. 

To become involved with the Success by 6 Coalition or to learn how you can help, please call Sherry Peterson, 361.882.2529 x121.