Dreams Come True

For the longest time, Charlotte wanted to quit her $8 per hour job and start a real career. Since she was a little girl, Charlotte loved to play with makeup and hair-dos and dreamt of making people look their best. But she wasn't able to get the training she needed because she didn't have her high school diploma.  For a time, Charlotte thought her dream was out of reach. But it was closer than she thought.

Charlotte enrolled in a Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED) program. Within a few months she was going to class, getting one-on-one help with her studies and taking a practice exam online. Her devoted instructors helped her when she needed it in the subjects that were the hardest. Now Charlotte has her degree and has enrolled in Cosmetology school. Within a short time she will be earning a healthy wage, be financially stable and living the life she dreamed. Because of the funding that UWCB provided, Charlotte is one of many people who have finished their high school education and pursued their goals.