Financial Stability

The key to long-term financial stability is the ability to get and keep a job that pays a living wage to support a family.

Currently in our community there are adults who are not able to earn a living wage because they lack a high school diploma or strong English skills. There are thousands of hard-working people who don't know how to save money and have difficulty balancing a checkbook. 

United Way of the Coastal Bend has invested in the best programs in our nine-county area to help adults live a better life. We help families in crisis gain the stability needed to move forward and provides job training to get and keep a job. In addition, the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) programs helps low and moderate income families file their tax returns and claim the EITC, the nation’s largest anti-poverty program,  and other credits available to hard-working families.

Join us in strengthening families and the workforce in our area by investing in the United Way and be a part of Change the Coastal Bend for Good.