Success isn't measured only by wages earned, but a life well lived. A person needs good health to have a good life. At United Way of the Coastal Bend, we believe everyone should have access to healthcare, so we invest in programs that do just that. Kids in our community get access to doctors and participate in safe, structured, physical activities for kids. 

We also fund programs that provide support and therapy for victims of domestic violence and violent crimes. We also partner with organizations such as FamilyWize, whose Prescription Savings Card helps with discounts on prescriptions, regardless if you have health insurance. 

There are many reasons health is so important:

Healthier children miss fewer days of school and are more “ready to learn”

It’s difficult to hold a job when a person is not healthy

The uninsured are less likely to access preventive care or seek early treatment of illness and therefore may miss more time at work or school

Using healthcare appropriately, instead of the ER in non-emergencies, is better for patients and lowers cost of healthcare to society

Untreated mental health problems are a dimension of homelessness, academic performance and independence

Children’s mental health issues effect the entire family and those around them

Being of strong mind and body leads to living a productive and well-rounded life, a strong community, and everyone benefits.  Help us make the Coastal Bend strong and healthy.