Early Learners = Bright Future


Parents watch proudly as their 5-year-old grabs her backpack and heads out the door to her first day of kindergarten—her “official” start into the world of education and learning. Actually, she has been preparing for this day since before birth.  The mother’s prenatal care and the child’s relationships, along with her earliest experiences, will greatly influence how her brain develops.

Many families in our area struggle with sufficient income, food insecurity, unemployment and other life issues which can have negative, long-lasting effects on our children.

Recent data showed that too many children in our community do not have the necessary motor, verbal or cognitive skills appropriate for kindergarten.

To meet this community need United Way of the Coastal Bend created the Success by 6 Initiative and Coalition.

Comprised of many representatives of various organizations and agencies from our community, the coalition is committed to improving the overall health, early education and developmental needs of children to ensure the youngest members of the Coastal Bend have the tools they need to be ready for the first day of kindergarten.

Why Does It Matter?

The Success by 6 Program exists so that children are prepared for kindergarten. Once children fall behind their peers, it is almost impossible for them to ever catch up.  This video produced by an Ounce of Prevention demonstrates how we can change the stories of countless children when we invest in early childhood initiatives.

Video use courtesy of OunceofPrevention.com.

To become involved with the Success by 6 Coalition or to learn how you can help, please call Sherry Peterson, 361.882.2529 x121.