Triple Play Makes The Grade

Triple Play Makes The Grade

When posed with the choice of playing X-Box, or participating in a Zumba class, most kids would choose the X-Box. But if they are participating in the Triple Play program at Boys and Girls Club in Robstown, their answer would surely be different.  

Meet Christian, a 17-year-old high school senior. His family moved to Robstown about a year and a half ago and he immediately joined the Club. While at the Club he began participating in the weekly Zumba and cross-fit classes - part of the Triple Play program funded by United Way of the Coastal Bend.

Triple Play's focus is to teach healthy, life-long exercise and eating habits to young kids. Because childhood obesity is such a problem, programs like this help the kids make moving their body part of their every day routine. Zumba, cross-fit and yoga classes do just that.

According to Christian, "Being fit means that I take care of my body." Thankful for the program, he says it helps him "work towards building his physical and mental skills stronger" so that he can reach his ultimate goal of entering the military after graduation. He believes that "nothing is too tough for me."

When asked why the Triple Play program is important, Christian says that "Kids excel here, it's an awesome place to be. The Boys and Girls Club has driven me to be involved in my community and strive in my studies." He also volunteers at his church, the food bank and an adopt-a-beach program.

Christian is just one of thousands of children who have benefited from a United Way of the Coastal Bend funded program. One of our goals is to increase the number of healthy youths and adults. Research shows that when children are healthy they miss fewer days of school and are more ready to learn. Healthy habits learned early will carry through adulthood, which will make them an asset in the workforce.

Last year we helped over 38,000 people in the Coastal Bend be healthier because of access to programs like Triple Play. Amplifying donated funds and putting them to the most effective use in the community is what United Way of the Coastal Bend does best, and investing in great kids like Christian is our passion. The Coastal Bend is an awesome place to be because Great Things Happen When We