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Wes Gore – United Way of the Coastal Bend Board Chair

We operate with a diverse and dedicated Board of Directors who facilitate funding decisions and help ensure good stewardship with donations. We're fortunate to work with every one of them and want to give you the opportunity to get to know some of the decision-makers of United Way of the Coastal Bend. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Wes Gore and I work for NuStar Energy. I’ve worked there for 35 years and I’m the General Manager of the Central South Region. I’m married: We have three daughters and seven grandchildren. I serve as the board chair for the United Way of the Coastal Bend Board of Directors.

Why do you support United Way of the Coastal Bend?

I support United Way of the Coastal Bend because the organization helps people of all ages. They work to ensure people’s needs are taken care of and to break the cycle for those who need it. It changes the outcome of their lives. It’s a helping hand that’s there for everyone.

What sets this organization apart?

United Way of the Coastal Bend is set apart because of the leadership and the dedication of the board members who want to serve and the staff they have. They truly care about helping people and changing lives. 

Why did you want to be on the Board of Directors?

First of all, I felt like it was an honor to serve. I think it’s a great organization and it’s a great way to be involved in the community and help out. Raising money for programs that help put families back together and help people get a hand up when it’s needed – I feel like that’s an important thing to do in life.

How was your experience serving on the Finance Committee?

Being on the Finance Committee was a great opportunity to see that the dollars were spent well and that they go to their intended purpose. During that time, I witnessed the checks and balances that help ensure the expenses are aligned correctly.

Have you learned anything new since you’ve been involved with the Board?

Yes, I have. Hurricane Harvey was a great example of that. The United Way of the Coastal Bend created an account and raised funds – people were glad to donate to that. The funds were vetted out and given to people affected by the storm who really needed it.

Is there anything else that you think people should know about United Way of the Coastal Bend?

Yes, I believe that the United Way of the Coastal Bend is a genuine organization that truly cares for people. They have committees of people who work in the refineries and just everyday people who help them make decisions. They’re not just made through a Board. They include individuals who know the issues of the city and the county and they’re truly invested in helping people in the Coastal Bend.

What has been your most memorable experience so far?

I think the opportunity to read to the children on Dr. Seuss Reading Day. Just a great opportunity to serve the community’s children and just be a part of their lives and see their smiling faces.