Who is learning more?

At twenty-two months, Mason is a very confident and happy toddler, who likes to greet new people with a handshake. This little gentleman had a rough start in life,  but luckily his father was there when Mason needed him most.  Mason's dad, Jim, is single and older than the typical dad. Raising a child at age 56 was a bit scary for Jim, but luckily he had United Way to count on.

Being a late-in-life single father is tough. “I knew how to be a father, but not a mother,” says Jim. Things changed once Jim was referred to the Success by 6 program. Jim learned how to fulfill both roles and how to give Mason the guidance he needs. And progress is evident — Mason developed his motor skills, has an large vocabulary and is actively learning the alphabet.

This has been a learning experience for Dad too, “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this program has made me a better parent.” But Mason will benefit most of all.