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About Success By 6

Success By 6 Early Childhood Initiative

Many local families struggle with income, food insecurity, unemployment and other life issues that can have negative, long-lasting effects on children. Recent data show that too many children in our community do not have the necessary motor, verbal or cognitive skills needed for kindergarten.

United Way of the Coastal Bend formed the Success By 6 Early Childhood Initiative (Success By 6) works as a Coalition to reduce barriers to children experiencing healthy, safe, learning environments at home and in their communities. Success By 6 aims to ensure all Coastal Bend children arrive at school healthy and ready to learn. We focus on the needs of the whole child – their physical, intellectual and emotional health – and preparing families and child-care workers to deliver the care, support and education needed to prepare them for success at kindergarten. School readiness encompasses many aspects, from pre-natal care to resources for parents and educational events that are child-focused and family-driven. 

Families, educators and the community – Success By 6 is your one-stop shop to access the resources you need to help children succeed in kindergarten.

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