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Health Goal: Increase the number of healthy youth and adults

We believe that everyone should have access to healthcare, both mental and physical. So we fund programs that do just that–from giving children in the region access to doctors and safe, structured physical activity to support and advocacy for victims of domestic violence and violent crimes. We also partner with FamilyWize–a program with a prescription savings card that helps people with the cost of medication, whether or not they have health insurance–and participate in the Coastal Bend Community Health Needs Task Force. Visit our Community Initiatives page to learn more about these two partnerships.

Why Access to Healthcare is Important

  • Healthier children miss fewer days of school and are more engaged in learning 

  • Holding a job is difficult when a person isn't healthy

  • The uninsured are less likely to access preventative care or seek early treatment of illness and, therefore, may miss more time at work or school

  • Using healthcare appropriately, instead of the ER in non-emergencies, is better for patients and lowers the cost of healthcare for society

  • Untreated mental health problems are a dimension of homelessness, academic performance and independence

  • Children's mental health issues affect the entire family and those around them

Health Strategies

Increase access to physical and mental healthcare

Decrease unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol and chemical dependency

Increase youth knowledge of nutrition and healthy activities

Increase safety for victims of violence