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Real Talk Workshop Series

Real Talk: Equity in Early Education

Real Talk: Equity in Early Childhood

Developing a Shared Vision and Community Purpose

This transformational two-part training will be led by the Educational Equity Institute and lays the foundation for more meaningful equity work within communities. During our Part I (Introductory Paradigm Shift) training on Thursday, May 6, topics related to the history of our country and educational system, different forms of racism, prejudice and discrimination, whiteness, and white supremacy will be discussed.

Part II of our training will take place on Monday, May 17. Our Part II training will involve separate and collective processing sessions. We believe that White and BIPOC need separate spaces to process information before engaging collectively. During the collective processing session, participants will work to identify ways to move forward together to achieve equity and justice in their organizations and communities. Guidance for re-imagining early childhood programs will also be offered.

To take part in this free online training, you must register in advance via Eventbrite:



Ebonyse MeadDr. Ebonyse Mead is the president of the Educational Equity Institute and the Clinical instructor in the Birth to Kindergarten teacher education program at Georgia Southern. Since 2016, Ebonyse has provided training on racial equity with a particular focus on examining structural barriers to educational equity, implicit racial bias, and culturally responsive instruction to the early childhood workforce. Dr. Mead has presented nationally on racial equity in early childhood and has published articles on implicit bias and culturally responsive family engagement in early childhood and family science publications. Ebonyse is deeply committed to creating brave spaces to talk about structural racism and promote equitable and just programs in early childhood.




Dr. Jen Neitzel is the Executive Director of the Educational Equity Institute, which is focused on eliminating the educational and opportunity gaps within communities through systems level change. Prior to this work, Jen was a Research Scientist and Technical Assistance Provider at FPG Child Development Institute at UNC-Chapel Hill for 15 years. During her time at FPG, her work focused on implicit bias; disparities in suspensions and expulsions; trauma; and culturally responsive anti-bias practices. Jen presents frequently at state and national conferences and is widely published in peer-reviewed journals. She also is the author of the book Achieving Equity and Justice in Education through the Work of Systems Change.






The primary goal of Success By 6 (SB6) is to ensure every child is safe, healthy and ready for school. Our Real Talk Workshop Series provides opportunities to engage in ‘learning conversations’ to strengthen the community’s understanding and knowledge around difficult issues that impact families and children. By providing a "safe space" for these discussions to occur, we hope to better inform interactions, decision making, and service delivery. Previous topics have included race matters, addiction, homelessness, and more. For additional information about our Real Talk Workshop Series and upcoming workshops, please contact Sherry Peterson at (361) 882-2529, Ext. 121 or email