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Success By 6

An Early Start to a Brighter Future


Every child deserves the opportunity to live life to the fullest potential and all parents want to be good parents.  The earliest days, months and years of a child’s life can shape the future. That’s where the Success By 6 Early Childhood Coalition comes into play.


The Success By 6 Early Childhood Coalition (Success By 6) helps ensure children in the Coastal Bend are physically, intellectually and emotionally prepared to succeed in kindergarten. Because the most important learning happens before school starts, families are the first and most important teacher. We are a coalition of nonprofits, governmental agencies, businesses and individuals working together to empower families with the resources, information and guidance they need to put their children on an early path toward life-long success. Our end goal is happier, healthier and more successful children and families, and a stronger, more prosperous community. 


Learn more about Success By 6, its initiatives, events and more by visiting Success By 6’s About page.