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United Way of the Coastal Bend Gives $35,000 to New Day Port A Fund

Funds used for building supplies for 27 homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey 

The effects of Hurricane Harvey are still front and center with many families in the Coastal Bend. Port Aransas was one of the towns hit hardest by the storm and, today, organizations like New Day Port A – a dedicated disaster recovery partnership between the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce and Cinnamon Shore – have stepped in to lend a helping hand to residents still in the recovery phase. 

“As the Coastal Bend community first hit by Harvey, we are humbled and so grateful for the support and contributions from venerable organizations like United Way of the Coastal Bend that have been there for Port A since day 1 in our road to recovery and rebuild,” said Jeffrey Hentz, President & CEO – Port Aransas / Mustang Island Tourism Bureau & Chamber of Commerce, Chamber Foundation & New Day Port A. 

New Day Port A uses donations to restructure and strengthen the building blocks to life for any thriving community: Housing, schools, businesses and churches. Donated funds remain local – focusing on long-term recovery. To date, New Day Port A has distributed $1.88 million within their community, helping more than 800 Port Aransas families.

The $35,000 gift from United Way of the Coastal Bend’s Disaster Relief Fund will be used to purchase building materials needed to complete repairs on up to 27 houses. United Way of the Coastal Bend has contributed more than $860,000 to local disaster recovery efforts since the storm hit in August 2017.

“We accomplish more when we work as a cohesive community toward these long-term recovery goals,” said Libby Averyt, President & CEO of United Way of the Coastal Bend. “From those who donate to those whose boots are on the ground, the generosity is as strong as ever and we’re proud to be a part of that.”