Happy Birthday Baby!

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Happy Birthday Baby! is a literacy initiative aimed at strengthening parent-child interactions for bonding and early learning. Working in partnership with local hospitals, the initiative provides care bags filled with books, materials and information to families of newborns delivered at that hospital.

Early learning and brain development are both largely shaped by a baby’s environment. Happy Birthday Baby! gives families intentional, intuitive tools and information to help them better connect with their new baby and foster healthy brain development.

Care bags are distributed to families admitted to the postpartum or antepartum floors on designated dates twice a year. Each bag includes information and items such as a rattle, bib, onesie, soap and more with suggestions for how each item can be used to talk to, sing to, read to, play with, or nurture their baby.

To learn more about Happy Birthday Baby!, contact Sherry Peterson, Success By 6 Director, at 361-882-2529 x121.